NON-SMOKING: The Squire Foundation Facility is a smoke and tobacco free environment.  For the health and safety of our guests, neighbors and wildlife, no smoking is permitted anywhere on the premises, whether inside the Facility or outside, on the Grounds.   A minimum $250 cleaning fee is imposed for smoking inside the Facility.  Your complete cooperation is expected.  

ALCOHOL: The Facility does not serve alcoholic beverages.  Consumption of alcohol by individuals of legal drinking age is permitted only in the Grand Room of the Main Facility during hosted Events, and outside the Private Casita(s), on designated private patios.   Guests who exhibit disorderly conduct or inebriated individuals will be asked to leave the premises.    Your complete cooperation is expected.

ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES: Are not permitted at the Facility.  Violation of this policy will result in the proper authorities being notified and individuals will be required to leave the premises. 

LIABILITY:  We take your safety and the security of your personal property very seriously. However, you acknowledge that there is a risk of injury associated with public and private programs and events held by the Squire Foundation, or entering the Via Maria Premises, and you hereby release and agrees not to sue The Squire Foundation, its Executive Staff, Grounds Leaders, Service Professionals, volunteers or associate Individuals for bodily injury, loss/theft or damage suffered or incurred by you as a result of being on Via Maria premises, or participating in our Programs, Events and/or Tours. You further agree that the Squire Foundation cannot guarantee the protection of, and may not be held responsible for, loss or damage to any property brought onto Via Maria premises.

DAMAGES: Individuals who access the premises are responsible for any damages they cause during any portion of their visit to the Facility.  This includes damage to the interior of the Facility or its common or private quarters, including and not limited to furnishings, décor, fixtures, linens or towels, as well as walls, doors and windows that result in the need for excess cleaning, repair or replacement.  Damage to the exterior of the Facility or its surrounding Grounds are governed under this clause as well.  The Artist-in-Residence Program accepts a credit card in the Application form, that remains on file during Residency, for immediate billing in the case of damages to the Premises, and/or for violation of our non-smoking policy.  Please notify the Staff if you experience any circumstances that require our attention.

IMPOSSIBLE PERFORMANCE: Any person interfering with the activities of the Squire Foundation or making it illegal, unsafe or impossible for anyone at the Facility to conduct their normal routine or host a Program, will be asked to leave the premises until the circumstance is corrected.  Such events would include, but not exclusively limited to, loss of public utilities, natural disasters, or fire.  Individuals affected by any such event will be asked to hold The Squire Foundation harmless for any circumstance that merits vacating the premises. 

PETS: Although the Foundation loves animals, the Facility does not allow pets on the premises.     Service animals are permitted, however, with advance notice.

CHILDREN: We welcome children at our Facility, and we ask that you provide us with advance notice of their arrival.  As a responsibility to our guests, please let us know if you have infants or young children with you, so we may plan accordingly.  The Facility does have a crib and high chair; however, we are not childproof.  All children under 18 must be supervised by a parent or chaperoning adult at all times, whether participating in a private or public Event onsite, or within the Artist-in-Residence program. Children behaving inappropriately will be asked to settle down so our retreat-like atmosphere is maintained.  Damages to any portion of the Premises or injuries to children and/or other Artists and guests are the complete responsibility of the chaperoning adult or parent.

ADA COMPLIANCE: The Squire Foundation is handicapped accessible, though we do not have wheelchairs or assisted electric vehicles onsite.