Venue Rental Provisions & Agreement

Via Maria is a private residence.  The property may be viewed BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Request Process: To reserve Via Maria, an Inquire Form must be electronically submitted from the website, or send an email to Ashley Hollister, Please allow up to 5 business days to process the request. All requests are accommodated based on Via Maria’s calendared availability. All required paperwork must be completed for the reservation confirmation.

Capacity: Up to 150 people standing with seating.

Payment: Full payment is to be received no later than 10 days prior to the scheduled event.  A 50% cancellation fee will apply if cancellation is received less than 7 days prior to the event. Please make checks to Squire Foundation. MasterCard, Visa and Amex are also accepted.

Access: The Resident Concierge or Grounds Manager will assist with opening and locking of the facility. Guest Organizations will not receive a key or alarm code. Groups must vacate the facility at the designated time as stated in the Reservation Form. This includes time spent on clean up.

Arrangements: Set-up of the salon, grounds and/or pool area must be requested in advance. The Guest Organization is welcome to rearrange the space during their event/retreat, but is responsible for returning furniture to original configuration. Additional rented tables and chairs are recommended for large groups of attendees.

Activities: Details for amplified music must be pre-approved. Please do not use the Piano unless prior approval has been granted. Only painter’s tape and self-adhesive easel paper are permitted on the walls. Use caution to prevent markers bleeding through leaving permanent marks on wall space or wood surfaces.

Kitchen Use / Catering: The Guest Organization is responsible for directly arranging catering staff, chef services, supplies, set up and removal of all food. All trash and recycling must be removed and placed in the proper receptacles. Perishable food may be stored at the Via Maria up to one day prior to an event and must be arranged ahead of time with Resident Concierge. The time for set up, clean up and catering must be included in total time reserved.

Pool: Use of the Pool by the Guest Organization requires a Waiver of Liability, to be approved by the Residence Concierge.  Please arrange for the waiver to be signed during the preparation and planning. 

Art: The Via Maria facility and grounds showcase many original works of art and large sculptures. These pieces of original art are fragile and vulnerable and should never be handled by guests. Guest Organizations will be held responsible for repair for damage caused to artwork.

Technology: Guest Organizations are responsible for providing necessary audio/video equipment. Wireless internet is available for guests using Via Maria.

Parking: There is not permission to park blocking driveway access and visitors may be towed. Parking for event guests must be handled by Guest Organization, and approved valet firms can be offered. The Guest Organization is responsible for direct hiring of parking service.

Cleaning: Guest Organization is responsible for keeping the space tidy and left in acceptable condition. Please remove all personal property after the event. Guest Organization is responsible for any damage to walls, surfaces and furniture.

Code of Conduct: Smoking is not permitted inside the building; nor on premises. The Squire Foundation General Code of Conduct covering illegal substances, children, pets, ADA compliance, impossible performance, etc. must be obeyed.

Alcohol Consumption on the Premises: The Guest Organization may provide alcoholic beverages. Guest Organization must provide proof of liability insurance to cover such activities before scheduling meetings/events that include alcoholic beverages. The Squire Foundation must be explicitly named as an Additional Insured (AI) on the Guest Organization’s liability insurance policy. No events with alcohol service will be approved without this documentation.

Damage: Any damage including, spills should be reported to the Resident Concierge and is the sole responsibility of the Guest Organization. Guest Organizations are not permitted to use the space or items located in the rooms designated by closed doors.